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Our Story

Our inspiration came from working with comedians like Joey Diaz, Angel Salazar, Shawn Wayans, John Roman, Los Codie, Willie Barcena, comedian George W. and many more great entertainers. Comedy clubs like Hyena's, Crazy Times, Wild West Comedy Club and Comics Live Downtown is what motivated us to pursue our dream in the laughing business, so thanks to everyone that made the brain storming possible. The official Oak Cliff Comedy Club is coming soon! We hope you enjoy your visit to the very first online comedy club ever, the Oak Cliff Comedy Club!

Our philosophy

Here at the Oak Cliff Comedy Club we're all about making friends and bringing joy into peoples lives. We believe that laughter is medicine for your soul, so our main focus is to make you laugh until you pee your pants. Plans are in the works for the official Oak Cliff Comedy Club, so don't forget to follow us and stay up to date on what's coming up next.