Free Promotion

We want you to be part of the Oak Cliff Comedy Club! Let us  promote your talent. We offer the opportunity for you to express your sense of humor and be recognized by many people around the world. Who wouldn't want that extra exposer?  Well what are you waiting for? Here's your chance! Summit your funny content now!

Funniest Music

Just like any other comedy club in the industry, music is a must in order to make people have the time of their lives. So we've decided to entertain you with our "only funny playlist" to make sure you have an unforgettable time. You will also be able to summit your mp3 for a chance to get your music played by our dj.

Free Advice

Advice? Yes advice! Our very own late show will be live and open for comments. Topics will vary from how to get a girl, to how to survive in Mexico or maybe just how to cook for your spouse, so why go to a psychiatrist when you can just tune in to the late show and get great advice from our experienced guest.